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The Apollo Bay Weather Station has been operating since 2006 and is sponsored by Jeffrey and Kerry Richardson from the End Farm Killala Road Apollo Bay. Thanks also to the Apollo Bay Surf Club and the Apollo Bay Pharmacy.

One of the reason for setting up the station was so sailors at the Apollo Bay Sailing Club who lived out of the bay could get an idea of what was to be expected on arrival. The notable difference between Killala Road, Hordernvale, Johanna and Colac became very apparent at times. Lengthy drives to find little or no wind was always a great disappointment.

As all local weather is based on Cape Otway we decided to purchase one with the works and and see what benefits could be gained by having one in the bay.

The station is a Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2™ Plus including, rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, anemometer, solar radiation sensor, UV sensor and uses solar panel to operate during daylight hours. Temperature and humidity sensors are enclosed in standard radiation shield.

The weather station console and data hosts a temperature sensor, barometer and data logger which interprets information it receives wirelessly from the main unit and makes the appropriate calculations to produce the all the information displayed online including the weather forecast.

Jeffrey Richardson
Great Ocean Road Trip
740 Killala Road
Apollo Bay 3233
M: 0409 33 1596

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  • Trevor Gear:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    We own a house at the bay and are very regular weekend residents, so being able to view the weather station helps us a lot in planning our activities. I notice that you have many other intersting links on the website covering numerous subjects. May I make a suggestion to add one more, it is called Windfinder (www.windfinder.com). This particular site shows forecast wind conditions for the upcoming 7 days (in our case we log into Cape Otway) and for a fisherman (as I am) it is a site that I visit regularly. If it was linked to your site I would now have a one stop site to see all that I need.
    Keep up the good work

  • Jeffrey:

    Hi Carole and David,
    Its is quite remarkable what does happen 60mm + is experienced in a short time. My cousin was trapped at the End Farm on Killala Road due to a slip and the Barham River flooding. When the river dropped and I went to check the damage with a friend who grew up on Busty Road sped across 3 cleared slips because of her fear of us both winding up on the Barham River road ourselves. The seriousness of land slips can be easily forgotten in drier times but last week was a reminder of the importance of trees in the Otways even if they fall across the road from time to time.
    Thanks for the feed back Jeffrey

  • Carole and David Webley:

    Hi Jeffrey
    What a great weather station. Interesting weather over the last few days! Huge changes at Wild Dog Beach. Thank you so much for running the station.
    Carole and David

  • Jeffrey:

    Hi Tony and Gerry,

    Thanks for the feedback. We have just had visitors stay in our accommodation the Bay Beach Hut from Singapore. They found it very cold here. I can’t imagine 32deg all year round, at least it would be consistent I guess which is quite the opposite here in Apollo Bay. As you will no doubt know thermals will be required when you visit Marengo.

    Cheers Jeffrey

  • Tony Markou:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Just noticed the website. It has great info and is very much appreciated. My wife (Gerry) and I bought a house at Marengo in December last year. We currently live in Singapore and plan to return to OZ later this month. We’re always checking the weather in Apollo Bay so your site is very handy indeed.

    Best regards,


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