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A winters day in Apollo Bay

This afternoon I thought that I would see how the recent rain has effected a couple of old roads in Apollo Bay, up the Wild Dog and then up Busty. It’s a great drive, the swell was up, it was cold, windy and everything is saturated water running down every gully and mud everywhere. Everyone and thing is trying to keep warm and dry. I got out of the car to take a few snaps and after the first one I thought the car interior must have been dripping water onto my leg but there was no sign of it so I just ignored it, sort of. I had a sense something was not quite right. It seems even the leeches where looking for a warm dry lift.

300mm Otway blood sucker
For a little bit more information regarding Euhirudinea: the ‘true’ leeches – marine, freshwater and terrestrial – which have suckers at both ends and lack chaetae (bristles) More>>
Apollo Bay Harbour  from Busty Road Apollo Bay