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winter 2010

What an amazing micro climate there is in Apollo Bay. I love how heavily it can impact on what you can do and the enormous variability that can be experienced from the top of Killala down to the Bay and beyond in any direction.
Swimming in Apollo Bay at 5 pm late June

Killala Road Apollo Bay
Apollo Bay Golf Course towards Skenes Creek
raining over Apollo Bay view from Skenes Creek

up and running?

Almost there with the web site then another glitch but this time with the ISP, so a few more tweaks with time zones and and data uploads and changing password and access and things should be stable. Lots of new features like the tide information will be added from time to time.

Cape Patton from the Bay Beach Hut Apollo Bay

Since I first installed the weather station I have learnt a lot about what it takes to keep it running. Now with the relocation and the recent replacement of hardware components including the uploading PC I thought it was about time to look at the software and internet side of things. Over the next few weeks I will be experimenting with new software and data presentation. The old data will be included ASAP. Feed back and comments always welcome.