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  • phil mcdonald:

    hi jeffrey
    can’t remember my property ID. It used to come up when I pushed the first key.
    I have RP 331209 for my password.

    thanks phil

  • The weather in Apollo bay over October can be quite variable. Wet, cool, sunny and warm not mention very windy. The best thing to do is to make sure you have all basis covered. Warm clothing is probably still essential. The home fires burn well into November in the Bay

  • we will be at apolla bay october what is the wheather like please

  • Emily:

    i do nippers in Apollo Bay and i love it
    I love Apollo Bay and this is a good site for Apollo Bay

  • James:

    Hi. Great site.
    In a nutshell what is Apollo Bay’s average temperature and annual rainfall?

  • I have just checked BOM weather information and http://www.bom.gov.au/vic/forecasts/capeotway.shtml seems to confirm the same forecast conditions as the weather station. Even though there doesn’t seem to be a cloud in the sky.

  • Nice to hear from you. Very interesting you should say that as that gloomy is not the current conditions it’s actually a forecast based on the current conditions. I think in that sense it is relatively accurate. There does need to be a comment
    to reflect that I think. But by looking at todays satellite images it’s definately no over cast. Will investigate why and report back.

  • Phil McDonald:

    Hi jeffrey
    good site but very misleading to describe the weather as overcast and GLOOMY when we have some cloud cover. Last 2 days have had scattered cloud with lots of sun – definitely not gloomy and have seen this discription a number of times before when its been partly sunny. Not even sure if gloomy is part of BOM terminology.
    Would be a shame if people were put off coming to town because of this.

    regards phil

  • Jeffrey Richardson:

    Apollo Bay weather station is now 6 years old. Merry Christmas and happy new year to all Apollo Bay weather watchers . The past year has been relatively stable apart from the frequent and prolonged power outages and a few rain gauge blockages. These have affected the total rainfall amount quite significantly, but all the other readings have been quit accurate. I have moved the station again and now added a power protection unit (UPS which last 20 -30 minutes) as well as some remote access software (thanks to Craig Buckingham) which allows access the station computer. So if the power does go off and the UPS runs out of backup and the weather computer is restarted I can usually get it going again in quick time. I will be moving the wind vane next. I look forward to the new year and new data .

    Jeffrey Richardson 0409 33 1596 http://www.apollobay.om

  • Lesley Elliott:

    We are visiting Apollo Bay week end of the 12th to 14th August. Can you tell me what the weather is going to be like. Need to know what to pack. Thank you.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I am visiting Apollo Bay with my family next week.

    Do you know if there is any chance of rain whilst we are on our holiday?

    Also I was hoping to establish the approx. temperature of the ocean water and whether it would be appropriate for swimming.


  • elaine cunningham:

    Hi Jeff, is there any chance of any flood warnings for the Bay re the floods in the northern parts of Victoria, would any of this affect us here in the Bay. maybe water coming down through any rivers or creeks towards us, should we be worried and do we take any action?
    Thanks Elaine.

  • Maree Whatley:

    Great new look well done. Since leaving the bay 6 months ago and now living inland in Bendigo it is lovely to open this and see the place I miss and love so much! Can’t wait to move back in a few months!

  • Rodger Duncan:

    Hi Jeff
    I live in Geelong but we have a house in Apollo Bay as well. I use your web site
    almost every day to plan my visits, lawn mowing, fishing etc.
    I also used to read the news letter whitch you used to publish,also the back issues
    of the news letter were handy as well.[ I can see reasons why they might not want you to print it, sales etc, I just wondered if that was the reason why.]
    I also wonder where you get the tide tables from, they are not the same as the
    Bureau Of Meteorology tables.
    Keep up the good work this is the best local web site in Victoria.
    Rodger Duncan.

  • Malcolm Fallon:


    CFA District 6 HQ’s at Colac also finds your site very useful. I guess if you are into weather you are aware of our weather station on Mt Porndon at Stoneyford. Private sites at Craiglands Diary just west of Colac and another at Birregurra to name but a few I monitor. Thankyou for your service.

  • Hi again Jeffrey,

    As i’ve said before we have a weather station up at the farm but can only access whilst we are there. What type of weather station is it ???

  • Hans van Santen:

    Very useful site Jeffrey, thanks. I work with the weather on a daily basis your weather site is extremely useful for acute RealTime weather observation, especially wind direction and strength. I know many paraglider pilots and kitesurfers that are in your debt. As an observation, the wind direction indication is accurate from NE through to south south east, otherwise its strength indication is somewhat corrupted by obstacles. Again thanks Hans Van Santen

  • allan rampal:

    Jeffrey, i have just discovered that i am the master of the units displayed and have altered mine to Km/Hr

  • Scott:


    Im coming up to Apollo Bay in December (from melbourne not too far) and just want to get a rough idea of the conditions for mid December?

    Ill be bring my new toy (DLSR camera) with me so if you reply to this message via my email address ill gladly send a long some of the pictures that i’ll take for use with this site.

    Cheers Scott

  • Julie Schapendonk:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    I also find this site is really helpful for me. I work for the Colac Otway Shire and I am often asked about the weather and how windy it is. It is a great help for our visitors to the area.
    Julie Schapendonk

  • Hi Jeffrey
    I have just located your site, and it is great. Nice to have an Apollo Bay site. We have the Apollo Bay Hotel, and I constantly source weather info, as I find it has a huge influence on our business. It helps us plan w/ends and during our summer we plan day by day as we love our unpredictable southern Victorian weather.
    Charles Lear

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