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Marrar Woorn Activity Guide for October to December can be found on pages 21-24 of this issue. Further copies can be obtained from Community Services at OHCS or from Marrar Woorn.

Invitation to a public meeting regarding road closure of the Great Ocean Road 2009
Wednesday 8 October 4 pm The Krambruk Room The Apollo Bay Hotel
You are invited to attend a meeting to discuss and workshop issues regarding the road closure arrangements for the 2009 Apollo Bay Music Festival. We would value your input and opinions regarding road closure and we are also wanting to talk about how we can work together to maximise opportunities during the festival.

Road closure overview
It is proposed that the Great Ocean Road be closed between Hardy Street and McLaren Parade at 1 pm on Friday 27 March and be reopened at 6pm on Sunday 29 March.
It is also proposed that a 30 metre section of the Great Ocean Road roughly next to the surf club be closed between 2am on Friday 27 March and be reopened at 11.30pm on Sunday 29 March. This will allow for various festival infrastructure to be set up and removed.
We have written to Victoria Police, Vic Roads and the Colac Otway Shire regarding this proposal, and will inform you of their decisions as soon as they become available.
If you have any concerns about this road closure, please contact:
Dani Stevens, Festival Administrative Assistant Apollo Bay Music Festival Inc PO Box 128 Apollo Bay, 3233
The Road Safety / Events Co-Ordinator
Vic Roads
PO Box 775 Geelong, 3220
(All Letters of concern will need to be received by 31
October 2008.)
We would like to thank you in advance for your
cooperation with and contribution to the 2009 music
festival. Look forward to seeing you there!

Victorian Electoral Commission
Enrol to vote this week
Don't miss your ch'ance to vote in the Colac Otway Shire Council elections this November The Victorian Electoral Commission is calling on residents who have turned 18 and are not enrolled to vote to do so by 4.00pm on Friday, 3 October. Anyone who has recently changed their residential or postal address also needs to update their details by this time.
Enrolment forms are available at any local council, post office, Centrelink, Australian Electoral Commission office or Coles supermarket, or can be downloaded from www.vec.vic.gov.au
People can also check their enrolment details during business hours until Friday, 3 October a locations listed on www.vec.vic.gov.au


The next pick up of wastepaper (no cardboard please) will be on Saturday 7th November Apollo Bay, Marengo and Skenes Creek Leave papers out by 8.30am. Well tied up.

17th Colac Garden Expo

Including lifestyle & garden display Saturday October 4th, 2008 Colac Showgrounds 10am — 4pm
Adults:$6, Seniors: $5, Children U/16 Free
Guest Speakers, Entertainment, Kids Craft Corner, Propagation & Spring Gardening, Chocolate Demonstration, Sustainable Gardening and lots more...

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with thanks the content supplied by

If you would like to have an article
or advertisement printed in the
Apollo Bay News Sheet please email
it to ApolloNS@bigpond.net.au by
5PM on Tuesday (printed weekly)

Southern Otway Landcare Network 'Landtalk'
Forming New Ridge Top Land care Croups
Over the past 6 months, SOLN has received a number of enquiries from residents in the Lavers Hill, Ferguson and Beech Forest area about being involved in Landcare and undertaking projects locally. This area used to be covered by the Ferguson Landcare group, however this group has since become inactive, leaving little opportunity for local Landcare activities on and North of the ridge. Landcare is grass-roots, it is community driven and responds to local community issues and needs. SOLN encourages Lavers Hill, Ferguson and Beech Forest residents to start a Landcare group for your area as this will ultimately result in stronger local programs responding to your local issues, and hopefully generate local employment opportunities. Given the large number of enquiries to our office we believe that any moves to start a new Landcare group for the Ridge would be well received. There is both money and expertise available though our Regional Landcare Coordinator TraceyMcRae:52329144
tracey.mcrae@ccma.vic.gov.au so if you feel you would like to help create a Landcare group for the Ridge give Tracey a call.

Vulunteer Recruitment initiative, Start Up Grants
There are currently grants available through DSE to assist new a Landcare group or network to start up or restart an inactive Landcare group or network. $600 is available to Landcare groups and $1200 is available to Landcare networks. These funds can help groups cover the costs of insurance, incorporation, executive support, administration costs etc. To apply for a Landcare Start Up Grant please contact your Regional Landcare Coordinator. In the Corangamite region, our Regional Landcare Coordinator is Tracey McRae (contact details as above).
If you have aspirations to make a contribution to
improving habitat and conservation in our area, talk to
Anna O'Brien, Kristen Lees, Dianne Inglis
(PH) 5237 6904 69-71 Nelson St. Apollo Bay.


Hear Figaro in the forest at Opera in the Otways on October 25. For five hours from l-6pm, Melba Gully becomes an outdoor auditorium for the sublime sounds of Australia's premier music theatre artists Pot-Pourri and international lyric coloratura soprano Annalisa Kerrigan. Joining them will be local humorist Annabel Tellis and MC Neil Melville from Underbelly and The Hollowmen.
Mixing opera, music theatre, cabaret, magic and comedy, Pot-Pourri packs a power of entertainment into their act. Sopranos Tania de Jong and Rebecca Bode, tenor Jon Bode, baritone Jonathan Morton and pianist Rebecca Chambers have designed a program especially for Opera in the Otways, but don't think they would be struggling for songs. With six CDs, 35 international tours and a sell-out season at the Spiegeltent behind them, Pot-Pourri know how to hold a tune and grab an audience.
She's sung at Carols By Candlelight, the Formula One Grand Prix and a World Cup final, but Annalisa Kerrigan has yet to sing with kookaburras and currawongs. That changes at Opera in the Otways when she sings arias from La Traviata, The Magic Flute and the heart-melting O Mio Babbino Caro. Fresh from a tour of New Zealand performing from Scotland the Brave and standing ovations around Australia for sell-out shows of her new top-selling CD Ireland, Annalisa Kerrigan swaps skyways for the Otways on this one afternoon of vocal nirvana.
The last book Annabel Tellis wrote was a swoon to Shane Warne called Come Shane. Before that was an illustrated children's book called If My Dad Were a Dog,
which was a book of the month for the UK chain Waterstones. Annabel has performed poetry in the U.K. and comes back for a repeat performance at this year's Opera in the Otways.
MC Neil Melville also returns from the inaugural Opera in the Otways last year, called Gumboots & Pearls. Since then he has appeared in Underbelly and as Ian the chief of staff in The Hollowmen, but he has 30 years of performing as an actor, singer and musician behind his recent roles.
To be part of the show, book online through Ticketmaster or call 1300 OTWAYS. Regional produce and local wines and beers are provided on site and hampers can be ordered from the Opera in the Otways website.

Ride & Stride to Work/School

October 14 is Ride & Stride to Work/School day - are yoi ready for it? Some tips for planning:
• Check that your bikes are in good condition and safe
• Make sure that you have comfortable shoes for walking - even if it means you change your shoes later for work
• Remember to get lunches and snacks ready for the day on the night before so you don't have to get up any earlier.
• Plan also for how you're getting home that evening - riding or striding of course!
The theme for this year is 'Surf & Turf, so get dressed ir your best costume and hustle on down to the foreshore on Tuesday 14th October. There'll be stacks of prizes and entertainment, as well as a Bike Workshop and a great brekkie. Riding and striding groups will be meeting at Marengo, Skenes Creek, Wild Dog and the Harbour.

Making the Transition
A series of workshops on "Making the Transition" wi I be held on Friday nights at Marrar Woorn starting October 24th. These workshops will look towards ways that self, kin and community can create local solutions to make the transition to a society of lower carbon emissions. They will comprise of creative and practical activities, film screenings, information and presentations and will lead towards an exhibition at Colac Otway Performing Arts Centre early next year. Expressions of interest from artists and community members are invited to be part of these workshops and exhibitions exploring local solutions to peak oil and climate change issues.
The workshops are funded by the Colac Otway Shire Community Project Fund and are free to those contributing inkind labour and/or equipment towards the transition initiative and exhibition. Places are limited.
As part of the transition initiative, a local film crew will be recording our stories, activities and events from October to the start of next year to be part of an international documentary with Smith and Watson productions (who have made a number of films for the BBC). This is a great opportunity for local artists and musicians, who are part of the transition initiative exhibition to gain international exposure, also for those who would like to be part of the local film crew. We are also looking for local businesses and individuals would like to sponsor the initiative, the exhibition and it's souvenir program. You will gain great exposure locally and possibly worldwide. Contact Fern Rainbow if you are interested in being a part of this initiative. Ph: 52376131 mob: 0425 71 380 <ocpg.info@gmail.com>


At the Council Meeting held on 23 September 2008 Council endorsed seeking public comment for the Draft Council Committees Policy. The purpose of the policy is to provide a consistent approach to the establishment of Council committee on which there is Councillor representation. Copies of the documents are available for inspection at the Shire's Customer Service Centres in Rae Street Colac and Nelson Street Apollo Bay or via the website. For a hard copy call Karen Borch (03) 5232 9413.
Written submissions for the documents should be lodged no later than Friday 31 October 2008 and addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Colac Otway Shire, PO Box 283 Colac 3250. Persons making a submission should clearly state whether they wish to be heard in support of their submission. Any persons who has made a written submission and has requested to be heard will be given the opportunity to address Council on Tuesda 11 November 2008 at a time to be advised.
Tracey Slatter, Chief Executive Officer


Climate stability a balancing act
The major atmospheric gases, Nitrogen and Oxygen, are not greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases (water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and CFCs) help maintain the temperature of the Earth by absorbing and reflecting the sun's radiation. Without them, our planet would be so cold as to be uninhabitable.
Antarctic ice cores provide evidence for variations in greenhouse gas concentrations over the past 800,000 years. Prior to the industrial revolution, the concentration of these gases was relatively constant.
Carbon dioxide (CO2) is often mentioned in relation to climate change. The atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide remained between 260 and 280 parts per million for the last 10,000 years - up to the start of the industrial era. Natural sources of carbon dioxide are more than 20 times greater than man-made sources but are normally balanced by natural sinks such as photosynthesis by plants and marine plankton. Burning fossil fuels and deforestation has created much higher concentrations that have now increased by about 100 ppm (I.e., frorn 280 ppm to 380 ppm). The first half of this increase took place in about 200 years, from the start of the Industrial Revolution to around 1973; the next half took place from 1973 to 2006.
Many scientists predict massive global changes as a result of concentrations over 350ppm. According to Professor Garnaut, the best we can hope for, if we act now, is 450ppm. But 550ppm is more likely, and looks like being the mark the Australian Government will pursue. You can read more about this at http://orcaction.org.
Climate Change Community Forum
ORCA is holding a Community Forum on Climate
Change in October. The forum will focus on finding
community supported action to combat climate
change. We hope to see you there.
When: 7pm on Friday October 17
Where: Apollo Bay Senior Citizens Centre,
Whelan St.
Money and Energy Saving Tip #6
Having appliances on standby (any little red lights or digital clocks are telltale signs!) can increase your electricity bill by up to 10%. In fact, some microwaves use more energy running the clock than the actual microwave! Turning things off at the wall can also protect your expensive appliances from power surges - which are quite common here in the Otways.
To keep up to date on ORCA news, register to our website: http://orcaction.org

Melbourne's major international film festival for kids, Little Big Shots, is coming to Colac. Little Big Shots which is films for kids, about kids, and intended to amaze and delight kids is coming to COPACC on Sunday October 19, at 11am, and entry is free in celebration of Children's Week.
COPACC Manager Karen Patterson said Little Big Shots showcases the best in filmmaking for children -and some are even made by children.
"The films we're showing are perfect for kids aged zero to eight, and their families," Ms Patterson said. "The screening of Little Big Shots has been made possible by a grant from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in connection with Children's Week."
Festival Director Chloe Boulton said Little Big Shots was an inspiring, meaningful and fun-filled festival of the best in local and international children's short films, animations and documentaries.
"The films screening in Little Big Shots inspire discussion of world cultures, other languages, cultural diversity, emotional intelligence and human values. They're also perfect for making kids laugh, whoop, think and create," Ms Boulton said. "With films on offer from Germany, England, Australia, Sweden and Denmark, from right there in their cinema seats, kids and families can span the globe," she added. "The festival is the perfect way for kids to see great stories from all over the world that would never otherwise make it to Australia," Ms Boulton said.
To reserve your place at this free screening, contact


House Fires
Last year CFA attended over 1300 house fires, almost 200 more than in 2006. And across the whole of Victoria there were over 3200 house fires, and 19 fatalities. The sad thing about these statistics is that most of these fires and fatalitites could have been avoided if people had just taken a bit more care.
Many people mistakenly believe that house fires are purely a winter phenomenom, but statistics have shown that fires occur right throughout the year, and in fact there were more fires during spring last year than there were in winter. The reason being that house fires do not just start from heaters or open fires on average 33% of fires start in the kitchen, mostly from unattended cooking, and 20% start from faulty electrical appliances, many of which have been left operating whilst unattended. It is these types of complacent behaviours that lead to disastrous consequences for many families.
Fortunately there are a few simple things you can do to help reduce your risk of house fire. You can begin by taking more care when using electrical appliances -think about turning them off at the power point when not in use or having appliances checked for faulty wiring; don't leave washing too close to heaters or open fires - many clothes are highly flammable these days; ensure you have a working smoke alarm -checking it regularly; have a fire extinguisher and or a fire blanket in an easily accessible spot, and last but not least prepare a home fire escape plan and practise it with all your family - it will give you a greate chance of avoiding the devastating effects of a fire.
Sandra McNicol
CFA Community Education Presenter
6 Pengilley Ave
03 5237 8500
Opening Hours Mon-Fri - 9am-5pm

Community Courses and Events
o Story Telling
o Women's Wellbeing Circle
o feraymayre Horse Stud & Old Lome Rd
Olives Bus Trip
o Infant Massage
o Crystal Workshop
o Kilwarrie Cottage Rose Garden
o Vic Market Bus trip
o Kirtan
o Art Fun
o Bar Class
o Tai Chi
o Fitball
o Meditation
o Op Shop Tour
o Dog Obedience
o Jazz & Hip Hop Dancing
o Forum on Climate Action
o Making the Transition


Once upon a time.......a teller of tales visited Marrar
Woorn to ignite the imagination of all who attended. Come and join us for a morning of storytelling and musical frivolity, suitable for ages ranging from newborn to 5 year olds - adults any age. Storyteller: Marion Bakker When: Wednesday Oct 15, 10am to 12pm

his guide is also available on our website at www.otwayhealth.com.au where you will also find a map with venues, enrolment forms, privacy statement, refund policy etc.

Adult Education
o Workplace Hygiene Procedures
o Responsible Service of Alcohol
c Creative Writing
c Introduction to Internet
o Take control of your Computer!
o Job & Course skills - Get that Edge
o Customer Service Workshop

Adult Education in the Community

Follow Workplace Hygiene Procedures
If you work in a kitchen preparing food or work as a
volunteer in the community then this is the course
for you. Two opportunities to attend:
Tuesday 28 Oct at Marrar Woorn 9am to 5pm or
Tuesday 19 Nov at Forrest Neighbourhood House
9am to 5pm or
Cost: $75 incl a $20 fee for course materials

Provide Responsible
Service of Alcohol

This is an accredited course approved by the Liquor
Licensing Commission. The course aims to provide
liquor services staff with the knowledge A
awareness necessary to responsibly serve alcohol in
licensed premises.
Date: Wed 22nd Oct 5 - 8pm
Venue: Marrar Woorn
Cost: $75 includes
Tutor: Coral Hanson

Creative Writing Course
Everyone will be welcome to come & create a variety of writing styles over a 6 week period. Bring ideas from your own history & personal experiences as we explore the written & spoken word orcome along for inspiration. Fiona instigated Warm
Winter Words in Apollo Bay and has edited the last
two Otway Writers books.
Date: Thursday 16 Oct- 20 Nov
Venue: Marrar Woorn
Cost: $60 incl $5 for course materials
Tutor: Fiona Nelson

Customer Service Workshops
Sharpen up your customer service skills with this course to enhance your employment prospects, or to improve your current service skills. This will be a great opportunity for those either in the hospitality or retail industries, and will be structured around the participants various needs. If you think this is a course for you please register your expression of interest by contacting Karen on 5237 8500. Businesses welcome to apply for group bookings.
If you think you'd like to run a course call Karen or Lyndi on 5237 8500. Formal qualifications aren't necessary, just a desire to share your interest with others.

Subsidised childcare is available for students who enrol in ACFE funded courses.
Contact Lyndi for further details on 5237 8500
Prepare and serving Expresso Coffee
(Barista training) Anyone interested in this
one day workshop to be held in Forrest in
November please contact Lyndi on 5237
Course Venues in Apollo Bay
o Marrar Woorn at 6 Pengilley Ave
o Senior Citizens at Whelan St
o Tennis courts at Rec Reserve in Gambier St
If you want to be a part of our mailing list, to save paper and our environment,
please email otwayhealth@swarh. vic. gov.au

Course Payment
All courses must be prepaid prior to commencement at Community Services, or ring 5237 8500 to discuss payment options if needed.

Vic Market Bus Trip
Once again the bus will be departing Marrar Woorn
at 8am for a day's shopping at this popular location,
returning around 6pm.
When: Thursday November 6
Cost: $20 Bookings close Monday November 3.

An evening of chanting and singing in the yogic tradition, bring an instrument or drum and a comfortable cushion. Facilitator: Lyndi Whalen When: 13 November 7 - 8:30pm Where: Marrar Woorn

Art Fun
Bring along an image of anything to be developed into a finished artwork. This process will involve formatting, design and composition, along with colour preparation to achieve a completed work. Beginners to advanced welcome. When: Thursdays 16 Oct - 20 Nov 7-8:30pm Cost: $50 for 6 sessions Cone. $3

Move It! Cards
The Move it! Card costs $60 Cone. $36 and entitles the holder to 6 sessions from the following three classes - Bar Class, Tai Chi and Fit Ball. This card can be purchased from reception and is currently only for these three classes facilitated by Cheryl Biddle. It must be presented at each class for use and is valid only during the term of purchase.

Tai Chi for beginners
Tai Chi enhances wellbeing, tranquillity and
rejuvenation. It's a great way to restore balance
and a feeling of wellbeing. This style is suitable for
When: Mondays 5 - 6pm
27 Oct - 15 Dec at Senior Citizens
Cost: $59.50 Cone. $35.70

Op Shop Tour
Another favourite, this bus departs Marrar Woorn at 8am and wends its way along the coast looking for bargains, returns around 5:30. When: Thursday 4 December Cost $12

Dog Obedience

It's on again, let Jenny show you how to get your dog under control - yes it is possible! Dogs of all ages welcome When: Sundays 19 Oct - 23 Nov
10:30 - 11:30am
Where: Tennis courts Rec reserve Cost: $60 for 6 sessions Cone: $36 Bookings essential as places are limited.


Women's Wellbeing Circle
Please bring a cushion and a shawl to this afternoon of fun and exploration in a safe supportive environment. Amanda Perry-Bolt will guide the group in whichever direction they choose - music will be on the menu, participate as much or as little as you like -just come and enjoy the company! When: Saturday 22 November 1 to 3pm Where: Marrar Woorn Cost: $5 please book to ensure a place

Graymayre Horse Stud & Old Lorne Rd
Olives Gramayre Friesian Horse Stud is located at the
foothills of the Otway Ranges, approximately 20
minutes from Lome. Come and visit the new foals of
this majestic breed, followed by lunch at Dean's
Marsh Art Gallery.
When: Thursday 23 October
Departs hKarrar Woorn at 9am returning mid
Cost: $12 for bus trip, lunch not included, bookings
close Monday 20 October

Infant Massage

Infant Massage is a bonding activity between parents and their children and has many benefits, both for babies and their parents. Classes run by a qualified Infant Massage Instructor for babies from four weeks of age and upwards. When: Fridays Oct 17, 24, 31 A Nov 7 10:30 to 11:30am Where: Shell Room (adj childcare) Cost: $40 for 4 sessions Cone. $28

Crystal Workshop
For thousands of years crystals have been used to bestow protection, strength and healing. Come to this 2 hour workshop to learn and share information around the qualities and meanings we attribute to crystals today. Facilitator: Trindi Suratman When: Saturday 29 November 1 -3pm Cost: $5

Kilwarrie Cottage Rose Garden
A bus trip to Winchelsea to visit this historic
garden's glorious rose
blooms. Lunch is also available, for more enquiries
call Karen on 5237 8500.
When: Thursday Nov 20
Departs Marrar Woorn at 10 am
Cost: $12 for bus, lunch not included
Bookings close Monday November 17.

Take Control of your Computer!
Brush up on those PC skills you need for home or
work and let your computer be a useful tool. This
course will be a basic introduction & revision of
Microsoft Excel, WORD including email & Internet.
During this seven week course time will also be
spent on file management & back up options. This
course is designed with a flexible delivery to allow
fop individual student needs & personal queries.
Date: Wed 15 Oct - Wed 26 Nov
Venue: Marrar Woorn
Cost: $75 - incl a $20 fee for course materials
Tutor: Helen Davis

Set that Edge
Do you need help with your resume? Not confident
about your interview skills? This is the course for
you. Let us assist you in interview technique for
jobs or further education. Be prepared to have
some fun whilst gaining useful tips along the way to
increase your chance of success. Those people with
current job seeker i.d. number are free to attend
(conditions apply). The course will involve some
external hours and participants will need basic
computer skills.
Date: Wed Nov 5 for 3 weeks l-3pm
Venue: Marrar Woorn
Cost: $15
Tutor: Mark Edwards

The Internet - what's it all about?
Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about? Come along and find out. Topics covered will include:
¦ The Internet is a useful tool
¦ Searching the Internet for stuff
¦ Using the Internet for personal interests and hobbies
¦ Basic email skills
This course is designed for people with little knowledge of the Internet, although prospective students should have some basic familiarity with a computer. Classes are informal and friendly and the
program can be adapted to meet the particular
needs of students.
Cost: $60
Venue: Marrar Woorn
Dates: Wednesdays A Fridays
November 12 & 14, 19 & 21, & Dec 3
10:30 to 12:30
Tutor: Pat Bodsworth

Forum on Climate Action
Community Power: Climate Action in the Otways;
Program The Impact of Climate Change in South West
Victoria Assoc Prof. John Sherwood
(Senior Lecturer Environmental
Sciences, Development, Deakin Uni)
Hepburn Wind and a Distributed Renewable
Energy Future'.
David Shapero
(Managing Director, Future Energy Ltd)
The Hepburn Wind Experience
Scott Kinnear
(Hepburn Renewable Energy Association)
After the speakers the floor will be open to the
community. So come along and see how you can be
involved and make a difference.This forum has been
organized by the Otways Ranges Climate Action
When: Friday 17 Oct
6:45pm - 9pm
Where: Senior Citizen's
Cost: Sold coin donation - bring a plate if you wish

Making the Transition

A series of workshops on "Making the Transition" will be held on Friday nights at Marrar Woorn following the "Community Power" forum on October 17th. These sessions will look towards ways that self, kin and community can create local solutions to make the transition to a society of lower carbon emissions.
These workshops will comprise of creative and practical activities, film screenings, information and presentations. These will lead towards an exhibition at Colac Otway Performing Arts Centre for early next year.
Expressions of interest from local artists and community members are invited to be part of these workshops and exhibitions that will explore local solutions to peak oil and climate change issues. Please contact Fern Rainbow if you are interested in being a part of this initiative. Ph'-5237613: <ocpg.info@gmail.com>

Bar Class
These classes are accompanied by music and are a
fun way to increase your overall strength and
fitness. You can adjust the bar to work at your own
level and feel every muscle move.
When: Tuesdays 5 - 6pm
28 Oct - 16 Dec at Senior Citizens
Cost $59.50 Cone. $35.70

Fit Ball Class
This exercise program is great for improving flexibility, ease of movement and posture, particularly for the health of your back. Exercise balls are provided and will assist in improving core stability for a healthier body. When: Wednesday 4:30 to 5:30 29 Oct - 17 Dec at Senior Citizens Cost: $59.50 Cone. $35.70


Guided by Ros Coleman this can help deal with any
stress in your life and is good for your general
wellbeing. No need to book just turn up. Suitable
for Beginners.
Sold coin donation.
When: Tuesdays 7 -7:45pm
Where: Marrar Woorn

Jazz & Hip Hop Dancing

A combination of these two dance styles both classes are suitable for beginners - no experience necessary, just be prepared to have some fun! Come and dance away those winter blues. Two
classes for differing age groups.
When: Thursdays commencing 30 Oct - 4 Dec for
six sessions, bookings close Monday 27 October.
Where: Senior Citizens
Instructor: Sam Adams
Class 1: 13-16 yr olds, 7 - 8pm
Class 2: 17 yrs and older 8-9pm
Cost: $30

St. Aidans Anglican                     9.00am
Rev Tim Cohen        5237 6615

Also at 5pm 1st & 3rd sundays
Uniting Church
Rev Kevin Cranwell 5232 1360
Sunday School every 2nd & 4th Sundays

Star of the Sea Catholic

Fr Gerry Prunty              5237 6782

Apollo Bay Assembly of God

Ps Peter Smith                 5237 766

4 0ct Colac Garden Expo Admission: $6 Adults $5 seniors Colac Showgrounds 10am—4pm
11 &12 0ct African drumming & percussion workshop with King Marong Catholic Hall Bookings:Michelle Ph. 5237 6579
11 &12 0ct Colac Orchid Club Annual Show Colac Showgrounds 10am-4pm
17Oct Otway Ranges Climate Action (ORCA) Community Forum Time & Venue TBA
18 Od Preschool Open Day 10am—2pm
24Oct 'All about Estuaries' workshop; SOLN RSVP by 15th October 9.45am -2.30pm A/Bay Youth Club 5231 6913 FREE
25Oct Opera in the Otways Melba Gully, Lavers Hill 1-6pm
30Oct Apollo Bay Netball AGM 7.30pm at Tennis/ Netball Pavillion
2Nov Apollo Bay Music Festival Fundraiser Bowls Club, Moore St, 12pm-8pm
17Nov Apollo Bay Pre School AGM 6pm at the Pre School

In Memoriam
Hilda Cawood 1.10.06 Love Robert & Jacko

Sat 4 Oct Carpet Bowls 2pm Mon 6 Oct Carpet Bowls 2pm Tue 7 Oct Carpet Bowls 2pm
Street Stall: C.W.A. Street stall will be held on Saturday 18th October 9—12 noon. Donations of . cakes, jams, pickles, produce, books, bric-a-brac would be gratefully accepted. C. Mustafa, Publicity Officer
Seachange will meet at the Great Ocean Deli at 12.30pm Thursday 9th October, 2008.
OCTOBER 11th and 12th
Weekend Workshops with King Marong an
outstanding African drummer and percussionist, a master of dynamic rhythms ,a melodic singer and African dancer.
Saturday 11th Catholic Church Hall
2x2 hour adult drumming and percussion workshops.
11am-1pm, 2-4pm. $10
1x1 hour African dance workshop. 4.30-5.30pm. $5
Sunday 12th Catholic Church Hall
1x45minute drumming and percussion workshop for
children under 5 years old. 10-11am. $3
2x45 minutes drumming and percussion workshops for
kids 5-14years old. 11am -1pm $5
1x1 hour rehearsal of all Sat and Sun participants,
1x1 hour community performance by all workshop
participants at the Kambrook room, Apollo Bay Hotel
at 3pm.
Sponsored by Apollo Bay Arts, Colac Otway Shire,
Apollo Bay Community Choir.
Book by phoning Michelle Fillmore 52376579

QUICK!....Have you got your running shoes
Tickets go on sale THIS FRIDAY
(3rd October) for our wonderful evening of comedy and music. (Available at Captains At The Bay)....So get in early before they sell out!
For just $35per head, and gold coin donation at the door on the night... .you get entertained by the famous Mr Goblet, live music, AND wonderful nibbles...
Semi formal is the dress code and it begins at 6-30pm, Saturday 25th October 2008...Proceeds to Apollo BayPreschool. - Drinks will be available for purchase on the
VENUE: Captains @ The Bay


Please join us for an ECUMENICAL MEAL
Thurs 9th October
6pm Star of the Sea Hall behind Catholic Church) Please bring a savoury or sweet dish to share. Tea and coffee will be provided. BYO your own cold 'cheer' Come along for an enjoyable evening of Christian fellowship in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is welcome General enquiries Judy & Marj 5237 6479
Meets each Monday morning 10.00 to 11,30am to practice postures, breathing and relaxation to CD's. Venue - Marrar Woorn House, Pengilley Ave.,
Bring mat and blanket. Minimum Cost $2 Ring Ken or Lilly for details on 5237 7134

If you cannot differ between right and wrong You will soon find what is right when you do wrong. Esme Bell

Apollo Bay Informal Fishing Group
next meeting will be held on Thursday October 2nd, 2008 at
10.30am at the Apollo Bay Shire conference room, Nelson Street, Apollo Bay. All welcome. Coordinator Andrew Orchard
An ART JOURNEY through the OTWAYS Creative Art Day in Apollo Bay
Saturday, 18th October
Venue: Catholic Church Hall and harbour 9.30am: Meet artist Sharyn Madder. Fresh from a successful exhibition in Melbourne, Sharyn will discuss and show some of her work In watercolour, pastel, charcoal, pen and ink, and pencil. Morning tea provided. Morning session: Figure drawing. Use charcoal or medium of choice. Explore contour, perspective, light and shadow. Lunch: BYO. Afternoon session: sketch the harbour/coastal environment. Learn to take working notes on colour & structure. 4pm: Join us for coffee/tea at Nautigals Cafe. Beginners welcome. BYO chosen art materials (some supplied) Organized by Tuesday Art Group & Apollo Bay Arts Sponsored by Colac Otway Shire Cost :$25 Book your place. Angie 5237 9253 Marg 5237 6243.
The next Patchwork Quilting meeting will be held on Tuesday, the 7th of October at 1:30 pm at Marrar Woorn, Pengilley Ave, Apollo Bay. Bring something to share or work on. Remember our Christmas Challenge | is due for our Christmas Dinner (Dec 8th). ' New members welcome. Please note we are changing the venue and time of Monday night's meeting to fit more sewing in. Next i night meeting will be at 7pm on the Monday, the 20th of October at Marrar Woorn.

1 Next meeting will be our A.G.M on Friday 31 October. Fees are now due. It will be a Bring or Share Lunch 10.30am at Marra Woorn.
The Apollo Bay Music Festival, in association with PR Students from the Gordon Institute of Tafe, would like to welcome you all to...........
Lawn Til Dusk
Featuring music from the upcoming 2009 festival which will include Dirt River Radio, Tony Johannsen and The Land of Plenty, The Megahorns, Spyndrift and more.
Lawn til Dusk will be a fundraiser to purchase backline for use by the festival and Apollo Bay P-12 College.
'Lawn til Dusk1 will be held at The Apollo Bay Lawn Bowls Club on Sunday 2 November, 12 noon - 8 pm, the bar will be open.
The day will feature musical highlights from the forthcoming festival, an auction, barefoot and celebrity bowls, sausage sizzle and more fun and old school fundraising activities than you can poke a stick at. Stay tuned for further information.
Creative Drama & Movement
Classes for Kids is back!
Commencing Wednesday 8th October Duration 6 weeks
Group One:- 2:30 -3.00pm— 3-5 years
Group Two:-3:30-4.15pm 7— 12 yrs
Place:- Apollo Bay Youth Club For more details contact:
Elle Wood on 0400 145 168 or 5237 6616
or Email ellewood@bigpond.com

For one Night only,
Come and enjoy an African experience with
King Marong & Safara with The Sounds of Gambia
Let your taste buds go as you enjoy a Dinner
of African flavours from our Grazing Table.
All inclusive Dinner and Show for only $25.00 p.p.
Bookings Essential Cafe 153
Phone 5237 1123
Saturday 11th October

Positive Mental Health
Positive mental health is about:
• feeling in control Be kind toyour mind
• being able to make rational decisions
• being in touch with our feelings
• being able to form positive relationships
• feeling good about ourselves
• knowing how to look after ourselves
We all have our ups and downs, but if the downs start to take over it is a sign that we need to take some action.
If you would like some fact sheets or a general chat please contact Phil, our Community Welfare Officer on 52378500

Breastscreen Bus
The Breastscreen bus will be running up to Geelong on Thursday 30th October. It's a great excuse to get checked before treating yourself to a day with the girls in Geelong. The fun starts at 8am, when the bus departs from outside Marrar Woorn. Screens will take place from 10am, before lunch and some shopping. The bus costs $12 return and seats are limited. Book your seat with customer service desk on 52378500.

Have you got some spare time?

With everyone heading north for holidays the Meals on Wheels volunteer pool has temporarily dwindled - we need your help to deliver this much needed service for the community. Please call Karen ASAP on 5237 8500 to register your interest.

Continence service

Continence service now available at Otway Health. Incontinence affects around one in five Australians of all ages and from all walks of life. Any members of the Apollo Bay community can access the Continence Clinic. To make an appointment, contact Otway Health customer service on 5237 8500 and ask to leave a message for Julie Wright, Continence Nurse Advisor.


Child Care Vacancies
Apollo Bay Children's Centre has vacancies for Over 3's - Mon to Friday with kinder pickup available. There is currently a waiting list for children under 3 years. For information contact Marie on 5237 8500

Women's Retreat
Forrest and District Neighbourhood House Program is hosting a weekend health retreat for women who are interested in exploring issues regarding body image. This fully catered retreat encourages change through workshops, art therapy, meditation and discussion in a fun, creative and supportive environment.

The retreat represents a rare opportunity take a very special journey of self-discovery, personal growth and conscious living, a journey that has the capacity to give you back to you.
The subsidised, all inclusive cost of the retreat is $244 or $150 if you are a Health Care Card holder. To book call Otway Health on 03 52378500 or call Nettie Hulme on 03 52366397 for more information.

This month is 'Walktober' - a community-based initiative to get people motivated and involved in being active. It only takes a small increase in your activity to get real results - just 30 minutes a day of brisk walking is all that you need. And it doesn't need to be all at once, you can do two lots of 15 minutes, or three lots of 10 minutes. It's getting moving that's most important.
Shake off those bad winter habits and stop making excuses not to walk. It only takes 8 minutes to walk from one end of the main street to the other -celebrate spring by making time for you and your health.
Ride and Stride to Work and School Day is a local activity to get you thinking about being active. Come along on Tuesday the 14th, 7am-9am. See advert in newssheet for more details. Walktober to kick start your health for summer.
Letters to the Editor
The Editor,
Re: Proposed Development 161 Great Ocean Road
A 10 unit, 2 shop development is planned 15.2 metres
high & truly massive in appearance.
Approaching Apollo Bay from Lome it will destroy any
thought of a quiet seaside township. It won't blend in
at all. The building is just too big and not enough car
spaces for 10 units plus 2 shops.
It would be the right place for a car park of course.
Pat Shannon, Apollo Bay

The Editor,
I agree with Karina Shircore's view (18/9) concerning advertising at the school in Apollo Bay. Could I, however, raise a wider related issue? Outdoor advertising in the form of excessive signage and billboards degrades the appearance of the town. We are living here because it is an area of great natural beauty—how inappropriate therefore to clutter the visual landscape with advertising signs. The football ground could be a picturesque location; the view now is dominated by tacky advertising signs around the perimeter. Whether potential consumers actually identify a particular business from the array of assorted signs could be a matter for debate. In any case, the locals are generally aware of the businesses in the town and hardly need to be reminded. Sponsors of the clubs and other organisations can be mentioned at club nights or in programs and newsletters without the need to degrade the visual amenity of the town.
The undergrounding of the electricity along the sea side of the commercial area gives us a basis for building a really quality town, provided we adopt sensitive planning measures—including the restriction of outdoor signage to what is necessary to actually identify the location of particular businesses. John Murphy, Apollo Bay.

The Editor,
Thank you Otway Health
I would just like to say Thank You to Otway Health for introducing the 'Move It' cards. The purchase of the 'Move It' card allows you to swap from one exercise class to another and change the days you attend or to bring a friend along.
SO last term I attended my first ever Fri Ball class along with going to Power Bar. The classes are really good and its great to try something different. A big thank you to Cheryl Biddle for your time and devotion to helping improve people's health and fitness. I look forward to more next term. Thanks once again. Margaret Glance, Apollo Bay


Steve Armisted says Goodbye to the Bay
After a lifetime in the Bay, Steve Armisted and his youngest boy, Drew, are upping camp and heading for a new life on a dairy farm in the Irrewillepie area.
Many in the community know Steve as the friendly gas delivery man and/or in his capacity as a timber merchant bringing us much needed fuel in the depths of our rugged winters.
Steve has lived in the Bay since childhood and his own family have resided for almost two decades in the farm house on the flood plain just across the bridge from the Recreation Reserve; the old farm house that most of us see surrounded by flood water a couple of times each year.
It was here that, single handedly, Steve brought up his family - Kirk, Kirra and Drew; setting aside his own career aspirations and personal needs to make sure his children were well catered for and brought up decently.
He is a shining example of how single parents can, and do, surmount incredible odds to make sure their children get through. Despite his single parent responsibilities, Steve still managed to find time to help out with a range of community activities including the pony club, the agricultural show and the police ocean rescue service.
With his rugged beard, nuggety features and rura Australian demeanor, Steve was a common site riding his horse, Rooster, or leading his Shetland pony Hank, around the Bay.
Whilst he is moving on primarily because of a good job offer on a regional dairy farm, the uncertainty of the future of Great Ocean Green development was a motivating factor.
A quite man of few, well-chosen, words Steve said, " may as well get out now before this project (the Great Ocean Green development) goes ahead. Anyway, I have been lucky with the floods; a hundred year flood is due and most likely it will wash the old place away one day soon. You can't really fathom how 'educated' people can come up with such a dumb idea. The State Government should be ashamed of letting this environmental vandalism go ahead."
All those who have got to know Steve will miss him dearly, but we are glad to hear he will be continuing his wood deliveries to the Bay so we can continue to catch up with news of his great life adventure. J. Quelch

On my recent accident special thanks to Dr. Onari, Sally & Wayne, ambulance and all hospital staff. A credit to Apollo Bay. Regards, Darby


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