Creative Village

In 1994, the Victorian Arts Council (now named Regional Arts Victoria), with whom the Apollo Bay Arts Council is affiliated, offered the Creative Village Initiative to regional communities.

Beginning in 1995, Apollo Bay was successful in the receipt of Creative Village funds along with financial support from the local Foreshore Committee of Management to target the foreshore Market site.

Colac Adult and Community Education Inc was successful in their New Work Opportunities application for funds from DEET for the employment of 12 participants and a supervisor for the development of the foreshore.

This included the Creative Village Project and meant that the team employed could carry out the landscaping works for the site, enabling a group of the participants to sculpt poles under the guidance of John McColl, also part of the team of 12.

John guided artists and novices through the process of sculpting 14 poles, 5 of which he personally sculpted.

The Creative Village has been a wonderful and evolving project providing a permanent exhibition of local artists’ work on the Apollo Bay foreshore. In response to tourists requests for information on the sculptures and artists, a flyer has been produced.  Flyers and postcards are available from the Apollo Bay Information Centre.

Download a copy of the Creative Village flyer here.

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