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Apollo Bay Aviation
Apollo Bay Aviation
Apollo Bay
Scenic Flight Tours
You,ve driven the Great Ocean Road to Apollo Bay. Now fly the rest via the ruggard Shipwreck Coast.... one of Australia’s spectacular coastlines! Return via the verdant Otway Ranges.
Our flights include 12 APOSTLES ( 45 minutes return flight ) Evening Flights ( Bookings essential. Conditions Apply) BAY OF ISLANDS ( 60 minutes return flight )
Tours – up to 5 people
Blazing Saddles Horse Rides
Blazing Saddles
Aries Inlet
Horse Rides
Yup, Blazing Saddles can take you on just about the best danged trail ride in the Western part of Victoria. Yessum, we can take about just any old kind of hombre, from whipper snappers to old geezers, from first timers to bow legged bean eating cowboys. Well cared for horses to suit all riders only 1 3/4hrs from Melbourne between Lorne and Anglesea. Rides from $35 and private lessons are available.
Horse Rides – Individual and groups
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